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Grace Church Thame is a Catalyst Network church, part of Newfrontiers. 

Newfrontiers is a worldwide family of churches together on a mission, currently over 850 churches worldwide. 

Grace Church Thame is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and agrees with their basis of faith which can be found here.

Grace Church Thame is a registered Charity 1124788 

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Connecting People To Jesus

God loves us and sent his Son Jesus into the world so that we could love Him back. Knowing God through His Son Jesus gives us the only true meaning and purpuse to our lives.

Connecting People To Each Other

We are convinced that it is impossible to love God without loving one another. We are committed to building a friendly, genuine, loving community of people that demonstrates the heart of God to others.


Encouraging people to reach their God given potential

In the Bible the church is described as being like a body made up of many different parts all doing their bit. We believe that everyone has a key role to play in making Jesus known and are committed to helping each one of us find our fit.