At Grace Church Thame we believe that prayer changes things.

It is our strong conviction that if we want to see significant breakthrough and change in our world then we must accept we are not in control and that God very much is. Jesus taught us to pray directly to our heavenly Father and to ask for his rule and reign to be revealed on earth.

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We want to be a people of 


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Prayer week:


Starting on Monday 15th February, we will be having a week of prayer at Grace Church Thame.

Each day during the week we will provide some specific prayer points for you to pray through in your personal times with God as well as our 8.30-9.00am morning devotionals and 8.00-9.00pm evening prayer meetings.

Each morning during prayer week we will have a Zoom prayer meeting from 8:30am to 9.00am. 

You can join these prayer meetings using the link below.

Each evening during prayer week we will meet in Zoom to pray from 8.00pm to 9.00am.


We are planning to finish the week with a Friday Night prayer meeting on Zoom.

The prayer meeting will start at 8.00pm, and will include worship, prayer, hearing from God and communion.

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Prayer week: