At Grace Church, we believe that authentic community is essential if we want to grow in our faith.

Anyone who comes along to Grace Church Thame can join a Discipleship (D-Group) and get to know, show, and share Jesus together.


Why have D-Groups?

We believe that good authentic relationships with one another are key to a healthy church, and our D-Groups are where we get to build those relationships best.

What is a D-Group?

D-Groups are a lot of fun and exist to help one another to live Jesus-centred lives. D-Groups are typically 4-6 people who gather together to hang out (fellowship), encourage one another, learn together, and pray together. Our D-Groups are usually either men or women because we have found that this encourages more genuine authentic discipleship.

When and where are D-Groups

We recognise that people have different demands on their time so D-Groups meet every two weeks at various times and places in and around Thame.

Interested in joining a D-Group? Then please get in touch.